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Hi everybody! Telltale Games is one of my favorite video games company, i love all of their games but anyway that’s not the point… Since Telltale Game of Thrones series is out, i’ve never seen any models of Tyrion, Cersei, Jon Snow… (except SFM models) Do you think there’s maybe a way to see them port into Garry’s Mod?
Models with handposing, faceposing and eyeposing? I really hope so.
Here is some models i really want to see in Gmod tell me what u think:
Jon Snow:


Daenerys Targaryen/Khalessi:


Cersei Lannister:


Tyrion Lannister(WE NEED THIS GUY!):


Ramsay Snow/Bolton:


Margery Tyrell:


generic northern and lannister soldiers would be nice

Agree! How did i forgot to mention them, of course we want sum Lannister Soldiers and northern soldiers! :rock:

Not mine, but it seems very related and useful to you guys :dance:



Correct me if I’m wrong but HBO was not put upset against SFMLab by port models of Game of Thrones without permission it ended up using to do porn? I think there was some news about it.

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I think I found: http://www.buzzfeed.com/josephbernstein/how-hbo-unwittingly-helped-create-insanely-hardcore-game-of#.oyMrOdmqx

$65 for 4 seconds of two people pork’in? Damn porn’s expensive. :v:

Y’know I wanted to use this software to make some killer videos like Live and Let Spy, but porn is the last thing I want this associated with.

So don’t use it to make porn. Simple as that, really.

Funny to see that HBO is angry against the modders when got is a series full of sex scenes :quagmire:

People still share the naked models elsewhere u just gotta find them.

I swear to God we need to make a proper successor to SFMbox, because SFMlab believes that they are the new one. Even though its filled with toxic, gross porn models and goddamn cringy and fucked up staff.

And think that the creator of SFMlab was one of the administrators to digitalero

pretty much it’s original intent, and nothing toxic about it. people like what they like. everyone has different…artistic tastes.

You mean porn models that you don’t even see unless you enable it? Lol.

You can just set the porn shit to off though. I mean, its at the least half, probably more, porn, but still. Plus, if you want to give it less of a “porn models only” reputation, upload things that aren’t porn. Much easier than making a whole different website.

Jon Snow [GMOD]
Picture must click you.
Here also

Hope one day we’ll see other models :confused: