Game of Thrones Red Keep


**Venture into one of the most iconic locations within Game of Thrones! **

The Map features:
The Great Hall
Small Council chamber
Tower of the Hand
Grand Library
General rooms and passages
Hidden secrets/passages

Chris Ward (CWardee or Flossy)

Sir Someone


Hope you like it!


That looks amazing, great job dude!

That’s in Gmod? Looks great.

Holy… Damn dude, did you make the models?

That’s just awesome, keep going!

Looks impressive! Great work

Im curious how you did the reflective floors?
I recently attempted the only method I can find in short sucks major dick.
It involves using a water shader for a material to give it reflections, and placing a func_detail brush ontop of it with an alpha’d floor material - Problem with this is it creates water splashes since it uses a water shader. Im curious if you’ve found an alternate method for this

Awesome…will be worth the wait

This is fucking amazing. I can only hope it’s finished before the next season premieres, for maximum relevance.

Thanks very much for the feedback guys!

I used this tutorial, which is pretty much the same method I believe:

Got two more screenshots

That’s some nice lighting right there.

Few more screenshots, hoping to finish this up soon!

Tone down the fog in the 3rd shot, and definitely remove the bumpmap from the door frame in shot 4. Otherwise its looking as good as ever.

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Also your chairs (and maybe some other furniture) have broken smoothing.

it looks great but I feel like everything is just too clean and spotless for the GoT setting.

It’s the reed keep, seems to me that if there is a clean and spotless place in GoT, it’s that.

How’s this looking? Did a pretty big revamp, added some more dirt to the floors, cobwebs etc; still need to tone down the bump on the doors, but I’m hoping for these to be the last shots before release!

It looks superb, one of the best gmod maps lately.

The only thing I can criticize are the bumpmaps. I suggest you tone them down pretty much everywhere. Less is more, especially when it comes to bumpmaps in source. A perfect example would be those green pillars. They look like they are supposed to be marble? Whatever material they are, fine round pillars are never this bumpy.

But, honestly, its no big deal, I’m just nitpicking - you did a great job on this.

Thanks very much, finally finished the map!


Congratulations mate, just in time for the new season too!

How does one enter the secret room?

Also, I’ve noticed that the highly reflective floors don’t reflect props. Like in the tower with the four statues around the center, you can’t see the reflection of the candles.

Go to settings and use max reflection quality “reflect all”