Game Operators

Would be good to have some Game Operators, that can ban hackers, at least temporary ban
I am full of hackers or do something about it or you lose your players

fix that bow bug I just got pwned by an exploiter named Jason’s EU server and …

you should be an operator

a smooth operator to take out smooth criminals?

Or you can kind of chill out about it since the game isn’t even finished and the devs have more important things to do (like make the game work properly) than worry about dealing with kids using Cheat Engine to annoy people. The game’s in active, ongoing development and things aren’t balanced right now, and that’s just how it is for the time being.

And if you don’t want to chill out, you should at least report hackers/exploiters in the right thread instead of making pointless threads to whine. The search function is great for this.