"Game Over" -- Aliens are aliening while being aliens.


Comparison: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/102847

Comments are very appreciated!

Posing and photoshoping is good but the reflection on helmet is kind a weird.

Looks very good, my only slight gripe is that the “Contamination Alert” warning looks a bit off on the right edge, as if it’s not on the screen.

Nice, I like it.

That’s amazing. Nice work.

Overall it’s very good but the face in the helmet looks off

Probably you are right. I hurried up with it a bit.

Got it man, thanks!

Loving it. I think the little problems dont outweigh the general awesomeness that this picture presents. Very well done.

I think this is pretty boss. Looks suitably frantic and chaotic.
Am liking the addition of the hugger in the tube on the far right. Nice touch!
What map is this?

You’ll probably be laughing, but it’s dm_rapidcore again in which I made “All In”.

Ah right, you couldn’t tell! :v:

Very neat and creppy.

Thanks for comments and criticism folks! It helps a lot!

I wonder if my pics look similar in some ways and I’d better change something.

This is really great, but I must ask; is that Bill Cosby in the visor’s reflection or what?

I am afraid it’s not. Just a random girl from google pics.

nice work there! Love to see the same chaotic picture with Colonial Marines:P

I like aliens.


I know it’s a used line but “THERE COMING OUT OF THE GOD DAMN WALLS!!!” Sorry but this made me watch Aliens, which I’m doing right now.

Dat Hazmat suit.