Game Over Screen.

Use your imagination to make out what happened before it.

I like the idea.

“Youre dead, not big surprise”


Some guy died in TF2. He was en engineer working on his project, which was his first one after his wife died. “Carol” he named his new building, as he can still remember her smile. Every time he hit the building with his wrench, he used that as a metaphor to get out all his anger. Every time the turret upgraded, a new area in his marriage was gone to. Finally, in the final stage in the turret’s construction, he was in a sad way happy…

His sentry was sapped and he got back-stabbed by a spy.


Horrible story.

You are horrible.

The idea is very nice and I lold at the story!

Combine, stop spamming the emoticons like you have to put one in every post. That isn’t even a suitable facepalming moment. You’re gonna end up like Fear57 soon and put nothing but emoticons in posts.

KK just found this facepalm emoticon hilarious.
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Scout vs Heavy.


Not big suprise.

You just lost the game. :smug:

The Heavy was hit by a level 99 Spy crab?

"Oh hey what’s up. It’s really startin’ botha’ me on how much you suck. no seriously,

you all suck