Game performance

Hello everyone purchased my key today notice when i turned down all my setting that it was still lagging and my browser was freezing

PC SPECS : I3 , 2.13GHZ 64bit , Nvidia graphics card

Thank you - GoldZ

P.S Awesomeness level was turned all the way down :confused:

What browser are you using?

i tried both chrome and firefox

Which Nvidia card?

Edit: Never mind

How old is your card?

PC , and my card is Geforce 105m

I am no expert on graphics cards, but isn’t that a laptop graphics card?

it is

How old is your laptop?

2009 pretty old but i get 30+ fps in LoL and 60+ in WoW.

You should probably get a stronger card, that card is not set up for gaming, it can run dx9 games pretty well, but anything higher and you’ll barely be able to run them.

New laptop time man. Laptop graphics cards is your bottleneck at this point. They don’t keep up with technology for very long compared to desktop varieties.

k thanks for the help guys

In my opinion don’t get a laptop if your not that mobile as a Desktop has significantly greater bang for buck…