Game performance!

Hello everyone! I am from Russia. Translator helps me. Sorry for the mistakes!

Back in December I was in rust and performance in the game was gorgeous. My laptop is not bad pulled this game and I can play safely. After the Christmas holidays, and generally only in the spring, I was able to go to Steam, I decided to play rust. Many updates and all the better, but the performance was not what, FPS was 24-27. Although the minimum settings, I yield only in memory. If you is not too much trouble, dear developers, please upgrade the performance of the game.

I would hope that the game will still work on my laptop!
Windows 7 32bit
Nvidia GT 335m
Intel® Pentium® P6200 2.13GHz
RAM 3 gb

Если вы понимаете на русском языке, то можете прочитать этот текст:

Еще в декабре я играл в rust и производительность в игре была шикарная. Мой ноутбук не плохо тянул эту игру и я мог спокойно играть. После новогодних праздников, да и вообще я только весной смог зайти в steam, я решил поиграть в rust. Много обновлений и все они в лучшую сторону, но производительность была не какой, FPS был 24-27. Хотя по минимальным настройкам, я уступаю только в оперативной памяти. Если вас это не затруднит, дорогие разработчики, пожалуйста сделайте обновление на производительность игры.

Я надеюсь, что игра будет по-прежнему работать на моем ноутбуке!
Windows 7 32bit
Nvidia GT 335M
Intel ® Pentium ® P6200 2,13 ГГц

Your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements. Specifically the requirement for 4GB of RAM. Your video card is also not a gaming video card, and it’s five years old.

Rust has performance problems, but your computer is an aging laptop that was not built to be a gaming laptop. Rust simply will not run very well on your laptop.

Do the devs plan to make the new rust run as smoothly as Legacy eventually?

No. They want to continue to make performance worse.

as far as we know, yes. the only thing is that with all the graphical changes, performance changes etc, even when optimized properly, it will still probably have higher requirements than legacy.