game really need adjustments

what do you think about playing 7h a day wasting so much time of game im sure there is so many cheaters. ruin your time with easy way if he got (only only only) esp imagine how much he got advantage of you i built so many bases and they going straight for my tc u gonna say my base was bad thats not right they know where is my located with cheating .In the end i wish you adjust your game to protect us and protect our times i will quite game ofc tired if being a prey for cheaters i dont ask for anticheat i just asking for creative update protect your players from wasting time cheaters damaging players more than game owners

You’re not the target audience, the cheaters are, the faster you learn that the better you’ll cope.

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If you see a cheater, report them. You even get a notification if the person you reported got banned for cheating. Considering the number of people already banned and people coming here crying they are ‘‘falsely’’ banned, I’d say reporting works.

Cheaters are good for the game.
On average a normal player buys 1 copy of the game while cheaters purchase up to 20.
All normal players are just NPCs to them.