Game Request

I love the game and the game idea. A few things I would like to say are that there are not enough resources to go around yea there is enough wood but as for stones, its practically a blood bath just to get them because new spawns are trying to get them but people with guns and everything are just guarding and controlling them and its the same with animals. There is just to little for the 200 people on the server you have to make it all bigger. I like that you are the only one that can open your door but i think its a little to easy to break into peoples houses. When im going around looking for a place to start my house i feel like its too crowded too. There is really no where safe to build anymore. The people that have the huge houses just control everything and if you want to start a house it has to be like built in the middle of a war zone if you want any chance at resources. if you can somehow increase the amount of resources that would be a nice addition. one last thing is that it just seems that all the people that have c4 and what not are just targeting the newly spawned people because it is so easy to get into their base and im wondering if at all possible to make it to were its easier to get into the bigger homes so not just the newly spawned players are targeted. All these people that are interested in the game are coming in and just getting bullied so hard that it makes them want to quit. I love just about everything else the idea of the game is great i cant wait to see the finished product!