game runs terribly (especially compared to other source games e.g hl2, csgo)

so ive been playing gmod again, and it’s running bloody awfully. playing cs:go or half life 2 my fps never dips below 60, but when I’m playing gmod, even on medium-low settings, it runs sub-60 on most maps. i have to use a tf2-lowest-quality config to be able to play the game above 60fps constantly.

my specs are

(note im running win10 instead of win8/7)

gmod is just horribly optimized

it can’t even into multicore and relies on cpu a lot

Yeah… we all know. We can blame awesomium for that. (mostly)

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Here, take this. You can read the pros/cons yourself

sounds like it, because multicore rendering was disabled in gm13 yeah? turning off multicore rendering in csgo halves my fps

You can reduce rendering time by 20-30% by killing awesomium. Killing that can also re-enable multicore rendering. (But you may some minor get some graphical glitches)

Awesomium and multi core rendering are not related to each other in any way.

Then I misunderstood the thread :downs:

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Seriously, though. Coherent UI when?


What if there was a crowdfunding to get you a Mac?

I cannot guarantee I will be able to replace Awesomium.

Is it because you’re a scrub?

Can you guarantee us multicore rendering?