Game Server Hosting UK

Hi there, I’ve been hooked up with Vilayer for months now. Although the quality of the service is ok, the support however, is not. My price range is up to £9 a month for a 20 slot server; and yes, I need UK hosting. I would prefer it to be instant setup and ease of customization. I’ve had a hard time trying to find a host that supports this criteria. I’ve looked at SimplyFrag and while the prices are great, the website looks a bit “dodgy”. Moreover, I looked at UKGame and was impressed with the pricing and professional website to find that they are out of stock of Gmod servers.

So… I’m kind of lost; it’d be much appreciated if you could post some suggestions of hosts that fit my criteria for my server.


I know of a server host,, but its not in the uk, that fits your criteria. sorry.