Game Server

Hi there. I’m wanting my own gmod server but found that I could buy one for alot cheaper if I buyed slots in bulk (100 or more). If anyone is interested in buying 25 slots for £8 p/ mounth (£0.32 p/ slot) or have questions please mention in the thread. Considering some servers are almost £1 per slot this is a great deal. The gmod server can be hosted in either Germany or Italy. It doesn’t have to be gmod, tons of games will work. Looking for atleast 3 people interested.

I’m only asking if anyone would be interested in buying a gmod server at this price level.

Let me just forewarn you about the flaming that will come.

  1. You don’t have a website.

  2. You don’t have credibility.

  3. You don’t explain anything.

I dont think you can split slots through different servers…

It is a reseller package so the slots can be split between server using the control panel.

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The reseller package ill get includes web hosting and shall set website up when brought. If you want me to explain anything further just post it. Payments will most likely be through paypal.

Should have mentioned that in the op