Game Start Problem

I log today into Rust and play some time.
I exit game, and go play with my friend in another game.
when we ended, i wanted to play some more time into Rust, so i opened home page and press “play game”.
when everything loaded, and game try to connect to server, it freeze.
After some time, i saw that on screen was notification
refresh browser to reconect”
refresh don’t help, my net works normal, please help me

PS. My english is bad :slight_smile:

its another map wipe. wait till it ends

This map wipe has been going on for quite a while now.

Probably an update with some new things added. Hoping they’ve thinned out the resources near the starting point and added more resources and animals around the map.

thanks for help :slight_smile:

The clan im in (15 guys) are going to make a huge fortress where you can come to trade, we will have armed guards so if anyone comes in and tries to rob anybody or tries to kill anyone they will be executed and blacklisted from the fortress.