Game stops responding and resumes intermittently

I’ve been playing Rust Experimental for awhile now and the game seems to stop responding for a few seconds and resumes and letting me continue playing. This happens frequently. It becomes completely unresponsive also saying that in the Task Manager for this process. The game is very playable when it is responding with high FPS but is cumbersome when stops responding and resumes some time later.


Same problem here-- hopefully it’s fixed soon.

I’m glad to know it’s not just me.

Under my avatar, my specs are in the Homepage icon (photos aren’t up to date).

I get this problem, but I’m not sure it’s the same issue you have. Mine feels more like lag from loading new terrain/buildings/ect. The freeze lasts 1-2 seconds at most, and from the sound of it I think you’re getting a different issue than me.

Thor, mine is a separate issue but possibly related. It seems to happen more frequently as time progresses while the duration gets longer. I’m also on a 20/10 Mbit connection.

I’ve experienced this too and my sense is it is due to loading user made buildings and terrain. The freezes tend to last longer when I’m on windows (as opposed to mac) and seem to get shorter when I turn my graphics settings down.

From my experience, as you play, it becomes unresponsive worse as time progresses. This isn’t limited to moving the character but also navigating the inventory. When the experience becomes sluggish, pressing tab reveals the inventory with a delay (often showing the inventory while free looking at the same time, then halting the free look). And, the same goes for moving items around, looting or not. When attempting to leave the inventory, it gets hung up for some time before it disappears. When the inventory finally disappears, the GUI is unresponsive, often continuing to show the mouse pointer for a bit. It will finally resume first person view but hanging up frequently.

Also experiencing this, game is good for a few minutes but after building for a while the UI becomes more and more unresponsive

It’s probably this man’s fault in your computer.

Same, my CoherentUI_Host process continues to eat up memory causing the UI to go slower and slower, eventually crashing.

For me the game is not playable for more than 10 minutes without needing a restart.

Also, I have tested this on both mac and windows, both appear to have the same issue.

Garry and his crew should go back to school learn how to code properly.

it really does amaze me sometimes that you have 1000 posts and haven’t been permabanned for being too cheeky;)