Game stuttering/freezing - looking for help

Good morning,

I’ve purchased the game, and I know it’s alpha and WIP, so I’m not gonna make a huge deal out of this.

Basically, ever since I downloaded and installed the game I’ve been trying to find a solution, I’ve disabled every audio input besides from headphones and microphone, uninstalled realtek driver, updated all my other drivers (I have also tried beta for my GPU)

Some of my specs:

i5 3570k - OverClocked 4.5 GHZ (is stable)
Geforce 670 GTX (not OC)
8 GB Ram DDR 3 (not OC)

I’d appreciate any help / suggestions, as it’s kind of sad, when I’m dueling somebody, and I get a half second freeze every several seconds.

It’s also worth noticing, that freezes happen most often in Radiation cities.

Thanks in advance,


freezing or fps loss?

I’m pretty sure I mentioned freezing and stuttering

Have you tried these ones?

I am not interested in increasing my FPS, I’m at constant 60 fps. The problem is not the fluence of the gameplay, but the constant freezes and stuttering.

Try these:

Doesn’t help me.

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