Game suggestion for Garry

I’ve always thought about a game only being in first person, and this was the game! I really really like how the game darkness works with the flares and flashlights. So I was wondering if you could add some sort of city in the game with a huge interior design like an office building or a hospital that’s just pure darkness, and the only way you can see is if you had a flashlight, flare, or even possible NVGs if they are ever going to be added. I just really like how the zombies move in the game, and I can just visualize them running at me in the pure darkness in a huge building trying to loot. I just really think that would be such an awesome idea!!! :smiley: Hope you people like this idea as well and ill support me in this!

NVG’s would ruin it in my opinion, that would be going towards DayZ style, flares, flashlights and maybe torches (Fire), but NVG’s no.

maybe you’re right, but it’s just an option xD i dont want NVGs to be honest hahaha

No NVGs. That’s what flares and flashlight mods are for.

Yeah, no NVGs.

To see in this game at night there are risks.

Want to use your flashlight or flare to see? Your gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Risk/Reward.

True but a brilliant way to lay an ambush :tinfoil:

To the OP - Yeah dark buildings would be scary as #%$@. It would be good to have stronger mobs maybe further into these buildings and some higher quality looted boxes to give incentive for people to take the risk inside :slight_smile:

It would be cool to have lootable keys throughout the game to open these buildings too!

Good call.

(I have posted a comment like this on another page) An idea u should add is that with med packs is an application time of maybe 4 seconds so that people cant spam med packs in mid of a battle.

nice i could imagine the suspense of just opening a door and trying to loot. Lets see what behind door #1!

the introduction of basic electrical appliances such as a light. the light and the switch need to be connected manually with wires that can be run along walls, floors, and pillars.
would require some form of power source like a generator fueled by coal

keys for doors. multiple keys can be crafted to give to friends/other residents of your house (only one person can make the key specific to that door)

Keys no, but lock picks would be a more realistic tool you could craft and a time consuming job to open a lock.

So because DayZ has them, does that mean we cannot use them?