Game Suggestions From Zatio

How it could be done , i would make it so that for each play that dies, a new zombie spawn.
Change how C4 work, to only hurt doors.Requring more C4 depending on materials of the door.
Make it so players can’t place down their constructions near another players constructions
in a certain radiuse from a special construction placed down.Example the sleeping bag and also
limit it to one sleeping bag per player if its not already like that.

My Game Suggestions, it might make the game more fun or worse who knows.
I don’t have Rust so my suggestions are based on what i have been Reading on the forum.

Would be Nice if the People who respond to my post, replay With why and why not if you like or don’t like
the suggestions and also add more suggestions on how you feel the game could be like.

If you reformat your post into something legible, people might reply.

If the person that died turned into zombie then they die it would certainly make spawn killers/clans/newspawns think twice about killing people but at the same time would be pain and annoying in order to defend yourself.

It wouldnt not add any more risk if it spawn zombie randomly.

Can’t understand why, could you elaborate about this?

He just really hates doors.


No it’s about when you are standing in your house like a small 1x1 house and you hear someoneoutside so you ready your gun and wait for them to hatchet thru that door when they suddenly blow your wall and you die in the explosion.

You don’t say… Ofc I understood that but it is C4 for dogs sake! it should be exactly like that :slight_smile:

To prevent players from blowing each other up and using c4 to destroy everything others build and at the same time let People break into houses by destroying the door.

I understand but, the whole point (right now at least) is to raid houses for most of peeps.

Don’t take me wrong, I never even raided but you can’t blame people for doing that.


In regards to sleeping backs I have a question. If you have 2 placed and you in this order:
1.die- camp re-spawn

Are you able to instantly camp re-spawn at your second sleeping bag without a cool-down?