Game suggestions?


maybe a question that has been answered or merely just shunned upon but do the dev teams encourage ideas for in game content suggestions?

e.g. weather, digging, able to delete player placed objects e.t.c

I’m a part of a community that plays with about 20 of us and there is always ideas being thrown around about what would be cool to see in this game.

Id personally love to see it mixed between a Banished and a Minecraft.

Awesome game non the less.


Digging would require the entire terrain system to be converted to voxels, and that would be eight mountains’ worth of pains in the ass, if garry’s testing-and-abandonment of a voxel engine in the past is any indication.

Weather is already confirmed.

i dissagree because if they add digging to the game in like an hour the whole world would turn to shit

they do entertain suggestions, but many things suggested are not new. many things also are not practical for implementation, or do not match the teams vision of where the game is headed.