Game Unavailable for 4 days?

Hey, about 4 days ago Gmod stopped working for me. Says the game is unavailable and that I should try at another time. Doesn’t seem to be changing at all, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to wait a bit longer or something, but… Yeah. I just can’t start the game at all, almost instantly the Unavailable message comes up.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

Please refer to the Steam knowledge base article about this issue.

soldiers heart, thats what happened to me except mine started about 6 days ago and its still going,
i need help

Yay, more problems. The steam guide didn’t work, renaming the ClientRegistry.blob to ClientRegistryOld.blob temporarily stopped me from launching steam, and changing everything so it was readable did nothing. I can’t re-install all my games as my internet is capped, and would cap again if I were to re-install my games.

You don’t need to rename it just delete it. Oh and Steam can’t be running while you’re doing this.

I’m attempting it again. I just did a full system restore to two days before this started and the error is still there. I’m waiting for steam to finish updating at the moment. Could take awhile since I’m on a 56kb/s connection.


Deleting that has rendered Steam unusable… Uh…
What happened?


I can’t seem to play any of my steam games at all, now. Steam’s pretty much screwed. I don’t know why this is even happening. It just started for no reason at all. No new addons, nothing.

Can anyone help me? Now not only can I play Gmod, but deleting that file has done something to steam as well. I can’t launch it without it crashing on login.

Make sure you have Steam running as an administrator. It cannot recreate the file without administrator permissions.

Holy shit I’ve been doind that for so long I’d forgotten about it and subsequently forgotten to tell him about it. :v:

OP: Yeah, do that too

Ah, right. Well, I’ll give that a try. Thanks!



Didn’t work either. Ran it in admin, normal and on different accounts on my computer.
I’d like to also mention that I re-installed it before (VERY Slow d/l.) and it’s still got the same problem.


Tried a few more things, like it says in the edit, it still ain’t working.

Any more info on what I can do?

Done another complete re-install, and it still isn’t working. What does that mean? Is it steam itself or an outside program?

No offense but how about contacting Steam instead of wasting our time?

Yeah. If the steam server, there is a problem with the file.

Because up until right about now, I thought maybe there was just an error with one of my files, or I had done something wrong.
It seems fairly obvious to me now that it’s an issue with my steam program itself and I’ll just wait out the next 10 or so days until my internet is uncapped and then re-install everything.
And no offense taken, but I’m not wasting your time, you’re choosing to read all this.
But anyway, thanks to all of you :slight_smile: I’ll wait for the re-install and see what happens there, if I get the same error, then I’ll contact steam.