Hello All,
This is a request for a game.UnMountGMA() that if you supply a file path and the table that game.MountGMA() returns it will unmount that file. I would like this because i am recreating the gmod toybox in gmod 13 so far its going well but my problem is unless you restart the game, if you start a new game all of the mounted addons from game.MountGMA() are still getting loaded when i don’t want them to be. And because of this the game can get really laggy.

Thanks rtm516

PS: The toybox url is and i got the files/layout from Wayback Machine also the toybox site is a work in progress and i will release the addon side on the workshop when its all finished.

EDIT: Follow my progress @ Trello. I will try and keep this up to date.


You’re not physically old enough to know what toybox is.

I’ll be happy to help donate a content server.

might wanna remove though

is it that thing that used to exist but doesn’t exist anymore because other things came to be and it just couldn’t exist anymore

You both literally joined steam way after GMod 13 was released lmfao

I miss the toybox. It made addons so much easier to play with, enabling/disabling at demand was really nice. I guess game.MountGMA was a step towards it, but something to unmount would be great.

Will do it was just there when I moved the db

Edit: Will consider the content server but I should be OK for a while because I have 1tb of storage for it

Also resource.DeleteWorkshop, resource.DeleteFile and resource.DeleteSingleFile or something like this. Add it in first post so Facepunch are able to see it.

Removed .sql also disabled file indexing

I played GMod when the Toybox was there, and If I remember correctly, all addons there were pretty small. I don’t remember downloading any weapon pack from there, I always used until the workshop was added. The toybox never caught my attention, so I don’t understand its nostalgia either. The current addon menu is not that different from the old TB (although I never use it because it freezes my game for like two minutes every time I enable or disable an addon, and you can’t even browse your suscriptions with categories).

Well, you only had to press a button, it was giving you the weapon or spawning the entity without restarting the map, also saves were auto-downloading all the required toybox addons.

Almost done all of the toybox browsing code on the site :slight_smile:

Updated OP with trello link

If u were an old player like me (7 years) you would know.

aren’t you special

Not really I am just trying to tell him that he never was there when Toybox was released, so he shouldn’t talk shit about it. Also we don’t need to hear his opinion, OP is trying to ask for help to bring it back, not get opinion of whether or not Toybox was good.

how does him asking why people liked it so much warrant a smartass reply?

We don’t need his opinion, especially because he wasn’t even there when Toybox existed. Also read the way he wrote it, Idk about you but it sounds like as if he knows all about Toybox, he played it and has a perfect reason why it was bad. And again, OP is trying to find help not listen to some useless kid talking shit about something he never played with. Also this isn’t the first time he has been talking shit about things he doesn’t know about. He has done it multiple times in many different threads(Especially addon threads). That is the reason why I was acting like a smartass, because he always tries to sound like a smartass, when he never tried out Toybox or addons that he talks shit about.

it was technically speaking virtually the same thing as workshop except you could enable and disable addons while ingame
the addons on there were better quality-wise though, sure there was still trash but not on the magnitude we see on workshop with awful dupes, saves, babbys first lua projects and 9000 cunter strike global autism skins

The issue with this and what the OP is asking for is that some douchy server will go ahead and delete all of the downloads a client has. Then someone will make a ULX command for it to make it even easier to do. Then they’ll make one to disable pausing your game, disable console, and crash your game. Just cuz.