Game unplayable, client side connetion problems?


I have a problem, regarding my game client: No matter what server i connect to, after a few seconds, the server isnt responding anymore:
i hatchet on trees, but neither the chat is monitoring that i got any wood nor its in my inventory,
when i open chests, it opens my inventory and the armor tab but their is not loot tab from the chest…
sometimes it does a huge rubberbanding after a few minutes but mostly it will stay like this
chat also isnt working, so i cant ask if its just me…

this is no matter what server i join, with ping 170 or ping 600, low or high player count


same for me now for the last 4 days or so :frowning:

same phenomenon?
i made this video…Is there way to fix something?

This has been happening to me. Usually after 5 minutes of being connected to the server. How I would know, is that I’d take out my torch, and if it isn’t burning, then I’m in the unresponsive state. My friends would let me know if I’m standing still as well. My Specs, Internet, or FPS isn’t the problem.

Almost forgot to say that people see me standing still and unresponsive, but I can still see their movement and actions perfectly. Weapons + Explosives are still usable in this state, but wouldn’t damage other players in the unresponsive state.

i noticed

Skipped Rendering frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost)
Could not locate a ContextRequesttable: destroying self.(component)
Video card driver is the latest

most likely after press the ALT+TAB

press F1 and type net.disconnect after reconnect server
i deal with this…every 5mins

patch havent changed anything…
also there is no error massage in the console at all
animals move and act like i am not even close, i can hit em, they will bleed but wont take any damage

I have this same problem. It can go on for minutes, and I can get damage and no nothing about it but use bandages or medkits to heal, but not run or defend myself. So I am pretty much useless in a raid with my friends.

Strange thing is I can still see the world in real time, that is, i see people moving and doing things, although they may not see me.

same exact problem as everyone else in here.

same thing here

re-installed game, chat is working now, other things still broken :S
it works for like the first 5 to 10 seconds (with 1-2 sec delay) and then the problems occure

Hello, I have been quietly searching the forums for the past week for an answer to this lag issue that I have been experiencing. Now i have 3-5 minute intervals ingame where I can interact with the world, then after that time I get stuck in “limbo”. I can run around and try and interact with the world but server side i’m standing around somewhere. this “limbo” lasts anywhere from 3-5 minutes aswell. I had to have people confirm this for me.

these are my specs

AMD FX™-6100 six-core 3.3GHZ
64 bit OS
AMD radeon 7800 series graphics
1 TB hard drive

anyways, these are the things that I have tried but hasn’t fixed the problem.
Turned down to lowest settings
played in windowed mode
tried all the console commands that I’ve seen in the forums
disabled all firewalls/antivirus
connecting directly into modem
All drivers are up to date
clock has been resync’d
rust re installed
dev build/reg build
speed test shows my ping anywhere from 10-90 but down/up always hangs around 39down/6up. the servers I tested showed ingame ping anywhere from 60-120.

hopefully someone finds an answer…

In hopes of quick reply,

has anyone found a solution to this yet.

Go to, paste your outlog, and hten put the link here. Double check to make sure there is no private data in it.


^ Is the Location.,10548324/output_log.txt/

there you go

any news in here?


This happened to me for a while but stopped when I placed a craft-able item. Idk why…

Any fixes yet? Bought the game without googling it first. Big mistake. Have played a grand total of 5 minutes… the rest of the time I am kicked for being unresponsive. If you google this problem there is a lot of people complaining and no response from the devs?

Pretty shit really

make a new thread; this one is about an issue from the 2013 version, which has since been entirely rebuilt into what we now call experimental branch, so it’s not relevent in any way to whatever problem you are having.

in the new thread, i suggest you give as much info about the error as possible, since there are various reasons that you could be kicked for being unresponsive. include your computer specs too.