Game unplayable due to daily server lag

Off and on since I started days ago are periods of tremendous lag that result in being unable to do so much as walk two steps forward without being teleported 10 steps backwards. Is anyone aware of/working to resolve this?

its an alpha deal with it

ffs people the game is bare bones it states that quite clearly everywhere it will crash it will lag deal with it or stfu and don’t play till its in beta.

right now all your doing whining about things not being finished, glitchy etc. is making you look like a moron for not understanding what an alpha is ffs

play on a server with less than 100 people. I have a community server that runs flawlessly.

To connect Open the game
press F1
Type this in the console “net.connect”

There are also a host of other community servers available. All you would need is their address or select them from the community tab.


This is an Alpha, yes, which is why people post things like this on the forum. They need to know that there are serious lag issues to address them in future updates.


They are aware of this issue and it seems to be caused in part by the structures that are being created en masse. I’m sure it will be fixed within the next few updates.

The “It’s Alpha” defense doesn’t apply here if community servers can run flawlessly. The official servers are simply garbage. Let’s be honest here.

this was an issue with steam today not the game…