Game unplayable due to hackers

I literally can not go 5 seconds on US Central 4 without getting killed by a hacker. It is ridiculous. Vac is doing nothing, these people have been terrorizing the server for a week now. Theres a clan called 204 that all have hacks, a clan called VIGIL that all have hacks, and like 10 other people. They aimbot you through walls and can see loot boxes and everything. Please, this should be NUMBER 1 PRIORITY. I dont see why with all the money you guys have made you dont have ANY admins that monitor the official servers. It is completely filled with hackers and exploiters.

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It’s simple, change servers. Which is what I’m currently doing lol.

VAC doesn’t ban straight away, it takes time… they can be banned tomorrow, or next week…
They’re logged and they will be banned.

VAC is doing something, it bans in waves, which can take weeks/months then everyone that was caught is perma’d at the same time.

Unfortunately for you, the hackers are very dedicated, so relax and play a private server or something.

Well VAC is doing something, it’s racked up a fair amount of bans in the time it’s been deployed out. Hackers aren’t that bad, at least comparing to web base. Also are you sure you’re being killed by hackers and not just complaining because you got killed/raided? There’s also no hack for “aimbotting through walls”. Provided you’re not blind you can also see through the cracks of wooden/steel walls and find the loot rooms.

VAC is not good enough for this game, something better has to take its place. This game is not designed to be played with hackers in it. They have to fix it or they will be losing a lot of people who want to play but don’t because the community is full of filth. There is trolls on these forums but most of them are ignorant scumbags who just let sht roll of their shoulders. I’m done relying on the Piece of sht VAC system its complete and total utter garbage. Kisses xoxoxo

— As for private servers, most of them are filled with dirt bag admins who are just as bad as the hackers. Fix your sh*t FacePunch… Could care less about new content, can’t even enjoy it when it’s spoiled by cheaters.

No, i am standing in the 5th floor of my base and i get killed by an mp5 or an m4. All walls up, this happens to everyone in my group and then they come and raid, so are you sure there is no hack for that? because it happens ALL the time. No, i dont call hacker just because someone killed me either, I RARELY die from a legit player, most of it is a speedhacker superjumper or i get killed through a wall.

It’s as simple as just not playing on official servers since they are often are targeted by hackers/exploiters. For the private servers, you might as well host your own or find some friends that know admins really well who are generally nice.

Private servers are full of admins who are little fucking dicks, who ban you when you kill them or the first person that calls me a hacker because i outsmarted them gets me banned. Its ridiculous. On that note, any good private servers you can recommend?

I paid for a game to play it, not get cheated out of it, Okay its been in Alpha for ages… sure they are developing the game still but they need to take more time on a better ANTI-CHEAT system. Private servers are really boring and most of the admins are retarded as f*ck.

I will not waste my time on an less populated community or private server that has dumb mods that reduce the game as it is, especially since 95% of them have dumb ass admins.

Also me and Unlucky do play together we have a community on Central 4, sitting in our bases and getting shot on the 7th floor over and over and over again, frankly its too frustrating to play at the moment. I also have 244 game hours played, I know hackers and have witnessed shit too many times. I also know Legit players, the difference is distinct.

Quit fucking complaining, they are working on it, you dont like it, play something else.

Says the biggest troll on the forums, its in alpha feedback can be heard don’t be a dick.

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hmmm yeah So instead of saying I hear you, thanks for your feedback but they are working on it you say quit fucking complaining and play something else? I am trying to HELP by bringing the worst problems i can find to attention, and i can give 2 fucks less whether you think i am COMPLAINING or not. THIS SHIT NEEDS TO BE FIXED MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. That is what i am trying to say, I am trying to voice my opinion on what need fixing. Its not complaining, its bringing the worst shit to attention so that the developers can fix it before any other bullshit.

How is a single.word of what I said trolling? It is thr truth, they are working on it. Fuck, you even acknowledged its alpha, they are WORKING on it, now calm your ass kid, quit fucking complaining, as I said.

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You aren’t helping, stupid. You are cluttering the forum with more garbage that not a single person gives two shits about. There is a hackers report thread dedicated to complaining, we don’t want to see another one of these.

Lol thoose servers are filled with hackers, or hackers testing their programs/updating codes