game update ideas...

First off I’m on a phone at work so ill make this fast.

  1. Different weather and there effects on game play…
    rain=lower visibility and hearing
    snow= increased cold and even damage… find a fire or clothing
    Fallout rain = get to cover or throw on a rad clothing

  2. Skinning knife for better loot off animals

  3. Metal coating… not as good as a full metal wall but it lets you update your wood walls with metal strips

  4. Safe style door… opens slow and takes a 30 low quality metal

  5. E-motes… let me throw my hands up to show I’m a nice guy or I give up

6.Electric Metal bobwire… better then wooden spike wall and hits harder

  1. Hammer to repair d ammaged stuff… also add damage states of stuff so we can see if there dammaged

  2. Window mounted guns… can’t take them just destroy them and use the users ammo in there bag
    more to come

  3. Wild horses… build a saddle and seek up on one to clame it for your own

Neat, but 6. sounds kinda stupid for a game like Rust.
Where do you take the energy from to keep that thing running?

Maybe its only active as long add you keep feeding it batteries so great defence when your off but only when its got power and worthless when its off