Game will not start despite requirements met

I have had trouble the last 2 days with trying to get Garry’s Mod running on my machine. I have tried re-installing with a fresh copy, verifying file integrity, updating video card drivers, restarting Steam to no avail. The game will start with a 640x480 resolution with the image of the G-Man with the traffic cone and the “Loading…” dialog on the bottom right corner and nothing happens. I have tried waiting up to 15 minutes to see if time was an issue, and the game just gets stuck.

As far as the details…

Source games installed: Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike: Source
(Side note: On launching G-Mod, I noticed that Steam was attempting to also download Half Life 2, HL2: Ep 1, HL2: Ep 2, HL2: Deathmatch, and Portal)

Direct X version: v11 from the Windows 7 RC

No G-Mod Add-ons used or installed.

System: AMD Phenom x4 9500+ quad-core, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, Geforce GTS 250 512mb GDDR3, Windows 7 RC x64 version

Did you try double clicking it from the start menu?

im having the same problem

but really, W7’s beta DX11 combined with your DX10 card might be bad news

Tried double clicking from the Start Menu and same result…

However, a friend said usually the first launch of Garry’s Mod will take a while as it needs internet connectivity. The caveat is that my school’s dorm LAN connection suffocates Steam update downloads to 3.0 - 12.5 KB/s…


Well, I believe the topic can be closed or deleted… It seems whatever needed to be downloaded was completed and the game is running!

I have win 7 too, and can play gmod perfectly

Software DX version 11 can have problems on certain graphics that are version 10. This happened when DX10 came out and people with DX9 cards started to cry.