Game Won't Launch

Ever since the latest update my girlfriends GMOD will not launch. It’s stuck on the blue screen with the loading screen at the bottom right. You can’t even see the facepunch logo. Her operating system is MAC OS Sierra latest update. This problem never occurred until the latest GMOD update.

Anyone ?

maybe…validate files…?

Already did that. Still doesn’t launch. Also reinstalled.

Nobody has anyyyyyyyyyy idea what this problem is…?

Still need help.

4 days later nobody has a reply lul

Still waiting.

Does other source engine games run on your PC perfectly fine? Such as Team Fortress 2 or Counter strike source?

If you know what video card you’re using, go to that site and trying installing some of the updates. If you do not know what video you’re using, try this… In the upper portion of your Steam window, there is a small HELP tab. click that and click on System information, and let Steam analyze your computer. You should see “Video Card:” there you will find what video card your computer is using.