Game wont load past the first loading screen please help :(

the game wont load past the spash screen it says “loading” at the bottom and the icon bounces up and down

i have tried…

deleting and redownloading (twice)
verifying game cashe,
running in admin,
running in windows 7 compatibility mode,
running in dx9,
running windowed,
running on min graphics
leaving it “loading” for an hour

i cant find anything on the forums that is relevant please help i would love to play

Pc specs.

GPU: Geforce GTX 970
CPU: Intel® core i7CPU 960 @3.2ghz
Driver version 364.51
OS:Mircrosoft windows 7 home premium

Thankyou in advance!

Try this,

Go into Steam > Library > Right click Garry’s Mod > Properties > Click “set launch options”
Type in, -dxlevel 81

If still not working just delete all addons and then try again.