Game won't load

Hi guys, i having some problem with the game
My game won’t load.

He opens up here, and then nothing happens

I already installed microsoft visual studios
someone can help me ? :smiley: ty

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bump? :smiley:

(User was permabanned for this post ("the solution is 'buy the game'" - postal))


I’m having the exact same problem and have installed MS Visual Studio Redist as well.

I discovered if you leave it for a minute it will load the menu

still don’t works here :confused:

why not run inside the steam?
steam should take care of all the dependecies

it seems like you are running some modified version according to the name of the game folder

You appear to have a pirated version, I refuse to help unless you can prove otherwise. If not, fuck you and I hope you die in a fire created by your flaming pirate disc of stinginess.

Nah don’t help him, buy the game before you come here complaining.

The fact he has given no proof otherwise, and has been lurking the last half hour, I can say without a doubt he has an illegitimate copy, no one offer him any help.

Definitely a pirated copy… what do these people expect? Buy the game, it’s only $20 and helps support the developers.
Hopefully while sitting and loading at this screen his computer is being ravaged by viruses. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to report him for Warez amidst the pointing and laughing at his stupidity and stinginess for being unwilling to support developers :v:

ban him from the forums

lol some people…

What really boggles my mind is the fact that he actually screenshotted not only the fact he isn’t running it on steam, but WITH THE FUCKING CRACKED GAME FOLDER IN THE BACKGROUND! Like seriously, what the fuck.

Honestly, it never occurred to me that it would even be possible to crack this. And now we are gonna have a second coming of people with nowhere to turn for help but here, thinking they’ll get help with their warez version like they used to try to/rarely still try to with GMod.

EDIT: Makes we wonder how many people posting problems recently actually bought the game. And if these people demanding refunds are really fed up or just want their money back as they discovered its cracked.

Any software can be cracked, all software has loops and exploits somewhere, no such thing as uncrackable. Just report for warez, tell them to go fuck themselves, and laugh it up because they are poor as shit. :v:

Hey man, try running it at a lower resolution and maybe run it in fullscreen. Mess around with those settings until it loads. I had the same problem a while back.