Game wont work

Hello I have recently bought Rust for my mac and when ever I join a server It’ll get very close to loading but then I’ll get the spinny beach ball and the game will stop loading. I’ve waited for hours and it wont work.

Post your specs, please?

Sorry I’m new whats that?

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Post your specs, please?[/QUOT
Sorry I’m new what’s that?

Specs are the hardware in your computer including processor name and clock speed, graphical processing unit, how much memory you have installed, and a lot more. Go to the little apple in the top left corner, and hit “about this mac,” and post what it says (if I remember correctly, been years since I have run a Mac…) If it is too much to type, a screenshot would be even better.

Do you really need all that information because my brother had the same problem but he got it working

I do need that information, it is vital to helping you work through a problem. The very first thing you do is test to see if the game is even playable. If you crash RIGHT as you are getting into a server, you might not meet the requirements.

Sorry I figured it out I just got into a game but thx anyways

Alrighty, enjoy yourself!