Gamebreaking for raiding (in my opinion)

Im really frustrated by the way you can make raiding very easy by making a human ladder.

Let’s say you are 10 players doing a raid.
You use 2x+ C4 to get trough the wall, then you place 2x c4 at the roof/floor above to gain access to the next level in the building. Then you simply jump on top of your friend and enter the next level. By doing this you can get 5 levels up, just using 2x c4 for each floor. And there is absolutely nothing the defender can do to prevent it. Cupboards can’t even stop it…

Yes, you can lay traps and make alot of rooms. That will make it harder for the attackers, but still…
The cupboard no longer have a purpose, and in my opinion the concept of raiding is truely broken.
To fix this issue they should make the rooms a bit bigger in height, so you cant climb up after destroying the roof/ladder.


Let me get this right. You want bases to be unraidable?

It is unraidable if you can’t jump on top of each other? Thats your idea of raiding? Really?

Stop and think for a minute. Say you get off the computer and go to your neighbor and want to empty his house of valuables… but he was renovating and the stairs are unusable.

Do you go back to your place to get a ladder, or do you go to a military bunker and come back with a truckload of rockets to get to the 2nd floor and finish your job (by leveling the first floor, looking for his wife’s precious cupboard)?

The ladder nerf was the most retarded change this game ever got. I cannot think of a worse one. Nerfing C4 and not rockets might be a close second, but heck… not that close.

I understand they want to add raiding ladders later, but they should have pushed both changes at the same time. Going back to rocket fishing is just stupid.

Anyhow… Raiding ladders void your complaint.

If the person who is being raided built their base that simple, then they deserve to get raided that easily.

It’s really hard to understand the argument you’re making here, could you be more clear?

Being able to save alot of c4 and bypassing defences by jumping on top of your friends and making a human ladder is stupid. It totaly crashes with the point of having cupboards.

What did you do before ladders?

I stood in my unraidable rock base.and laughed my ass off figuring fp would eventually find a solution to this circus and then they did… But now they changed their minds because of a bunch of whinners who can’t accept the fact bases should be raidable.

I raided alot of bases even in the old rust. So its very possible to raid without ladders and so on. Its called c4. Go try it!

You can make the rooms bigger in height already, most players choose not to though so the end result is being easily raided for each floor.

the balance between raiding and defending should lean more towards the raiders. after all being raided is a highlight of this game.

Yup, I’ve been raiding like this for months to get to upper floors without using too many C4s. What you’re apparently struggling to grasp is that the playstyle depends on the inventivity of the player(s) involved. You can rocket everything, make a mess and waste tons of explosives, or just… Yeah, use the game mechanics at your advantage. Trust me, I’ve raided dozens of bases. Small, big, rock bases, iceberg bases. Sometimes without any C4. Let me give you an example.

Two days ago, I found a base on a server I’ve been playing on. Rock base. 7 floors of armored shit. I hate rock bases, so I wanted to raid it in the cheapest way possible just to prove that they are f**kin useless. Turns out there was a weakness. One stupid weakness. I was able to jump on the roof by jumping up repeatedly in a narrow corner formed by triangle foundations. Roof open, chests open, wooden doors and stone walls on the last floors. Couple pickaxes, couple hatchets, and… Turns out the 3 last floors were loot rooms. Got 10 C4, a shitton of explosives, stacks of HV Ammo… Without shooting or throwinc C4 ONCE.

Think smart :wink:

You could build right next to a base and get up with stairs back then (2700 hours of Legacy here) so the situation is entirely different. Don’t tell me pillars stopped this, they never did when you knew what you were doing.

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Now try this on a builder that doesn’t have a rock for a brain and you won’t get anywhere.

Okay, I agree, but you’re missing my point here. I’m not here to brag about a raid or anything. I’m just saying that, given enough time and resources, EVERY base is raidable.
Can’t go up? Jump on a friend’s head. Can’t make a raid tower close enough b/c of stability? Put signs to make a diving board. People are going to find new inventive ways to raid, some that even the devs have not thought of.

I totally agree with what you are saying but if it takes 80 c4 to raid a base that should take 20 its lopsided. I think the raiding/building balance was about perfect but with this change you can make a very small base that will never be worth the c4 even if its chokfull of stuff.

This right there is something that makes raiding almost pointless and also has the viscious side effect of putting a lot more stress on easy targets, namely new and solo players, both of which are already at a strong disadvantage given the latest game mechanics changes.