Gamecrash when my level is loading

Hello there.
My friend and I have been working on our level for quite some time now. It’s a huge level with a lot of entities, and a lot of props. The entire level is compiling almost perfectly, with only a few, what seems like, ignoreable problems. I’ll post the compile log anyway, as someone might be able to get some information out of it:

The problem starts when the level gets loaded. During the loadingscreen, the game simply crashes, and doesn’t leave any information that could give me a clue on what the problem might be.
I have “-condebug” enabled, but the log doesn’t show anything unusual at all.

I have tried using the cordon tool a lot, but without luck. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense whenever I do it. I suspect a lighting issue as the map DOES run when I compile the map without RAD enabled. Both fast and normal lightning is causing the level to crash.

I do realize that it is probably impossible for you guys to diagnose this level from the information I have given you, but please don’t hesitate to ask for further information. Thank you!

EDIT: The game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

I may be wrong, but the portalflow is higher than 1200, which seems to be the limit of Source. Try some Visclusters, Hint-Skips and Areaportals.

That seems odd. In this testing face I have a lot of visclusters in the map. There is no way there can be that many. Thanks a lot for your input, but I don’t think that is the problem.

Try without clusters and rad.

Decrease your entities, it’s at 187% your brushsides are also very full at 97%

Hope this helps :v:

I have tried compiling without RAD, and yes, that does work. That is why I suspect it has something to do with the lightning. I have not tried without clusters. Although I don’t see why, I shall give it a try (that even rhymes).

We’ve had an entity count above 200% at one point, and it ran smoothly. We are aware of the edict limits, and are still within the limit. I’m also aware of the brushsides, but they are still below the 100% so should it really cause any problems? I also recall the compile log telling me if I had too many brushsides, although I might be wrong.