GameCrazed DarkRP Server ~In developing~[Fast DL][Custom Shipments/Classes]


**GameCrazed DarkRP Server ~In developing~[Fast DL][Custom Shipments/Classes] + MORE **


Servers website

Custom Jobs

[li]BlackMarket Dealer[/li][li]Explosive Expert[/li][/ul]


This is a new server, so there are a couple of bugs. If you know of any please contact me!

Remember this is my first server so please go easy on me!!! :]

Donation system coming soon!!!

If you can help please post berlow
I have a lot of it written out just a couple of things i cant figure out :]

[release]RULES ARE ON THE MOTD![/release]
[Includes twitter RSS feed]

Enjoy the server you guys!!! :smiley:

Oh wow! This sounds awesome! It sounds like you’ve spent a great deal of time setting up this server and adding the suitable addons for it! I’ll be joining shortly! Thanks for advertising another great DarkRP server!

Wow, I tried the server, it really does suck. I knew it, but damn.

Um thanks? lol


Really bro…

Want a advise? I don’t care if you want or not, but here is a advise for you: Do something else than DarkRP. We got enough of them! Why not try stuff like Fretta, Onslaught, sandbox, serious RP or any other crap?

Or make your server different from 23847234782384 other plain DarkRP servers.

If I were to shoot a phonebook containing every server in Garry’s Mod with twenty shells of buckshot, I wouldn’t hit a single good server.

Well im actually working on a money system for special items in the server such as hats and death effects and maybe even some other effects as well like hearts in halo reach or something like that. I got this just from a couple days ago and had school on both days lol. More will be added soon but i am also working all by my self to so it takes a while

If you want a good DarkRP mOd, re-write the code.

Like really why are you being a douche??

We have enough generic DarkDM servers, thanks.

Until you deliver something incredible, unique, custom created, mature, minge-free, and seriously awesome, I don’t care. Do you remember the guy that put together a truck on an assembly line? No. You remember Ford, who created the damn thing.

DarkRP was acceptable when it first came into existence. Moments later, it became DarkDM, housing software for minges.

Lol wow, if i want a server minge free i just have to block you <_< anyways you dont think i know that!? Like i said i just made it and i want people to test it for bugs. Right now i am currently adding a money system so that the user can buy certain items for there player. Also custom shipments and weapons and so forth

If you want a server minge free you have to block 80% of the world.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your server, and for the sake of not bumping this topic, I will no longer reply. Good day.

I’ll try it out when there’s peeps online.