Gamecube 3D Model Rip Request

Hey there everyone, I just posted a thread about trying to rip a model from a Gamecube game, but I don’t believe my computer is spec’d to do it. I’ve realized that 64-bit machine really won’t be capable of working with all the programs I need to make this work.

My request is that someone rip a 3D model of the Razor Sword that Link can use from Soul Calibur 2 for Gamecube. I’m not suggesting that I’d distribute the ISO or anything, because I’m not sure how the forum regards that, but I just need this one isolated model. It can be in any format, I can convert if necessary. If anyone is interested, PM me and I can give you the details and all that. I’d appreciate anyone that has the knowledge of doing this and would be able to help me out here. Thank you!

-snip nevermind forgot that you could rip your own disks-

No he isn’t you can rip your own disks

I have no use for pirating games. I’ve played SC2 for a long time and have liked the Razor Sword model that’s in the game. I’d like to use a 3D modelling program to shape a prop out of the 3D model so I could use it for a cosplay. Nice attempt at keeping on topic, though.

I’m not condoning or saying that it should be done, but an ISO is a bit more reliable to rip from. If you screw up with an ISO, all you need to do is get it again and start over. With a disc copy, it’s a bit more troublesome since you can completely break the game if you do anything improperly while trying to rip from it.

In any case though, I have the game for GameCube myself, so I’ll see if I can grab the Razor Sword for you. I’m rusty as hell though, so it might take a while (assuming I can remember everything).

Katra, you are so damn helpful, thank you! It doesn’t have to be right away, but I’d appreciate you grabbing the data. Since the sword does need to be unlocked, I do have a save file .GCI I could give you, but honestly, playing the game for 5 minutes in Weapon Master mode unlocks it. I’d like the model that’s on the Weapon Select screen, I believe it’s a bit more detailed than the in-use model that Link holds. Keep in touch! Thank you!

Unless I’m mistaken (which is always a possibility), it’s the same model. The only difference is the fact that it appears more detailed on the weapon select screen because it’s a closer view of the model itself. I don’t remember having to unlock the weapon first before being able to actually rip it from the game, but it’s like I said before - I’m rusty as hell, so my memory might be off. I still play the hell out of the game, so if it does need to be unlocked, I’ve already done so since my last playthrough (which was 3 days ago, lol).

In any case though, don’t thank me yet. I’m offering to help, but it’ll be pointless to thank me if I can’t do it. It’ll take me a while to get it done properly if I can remember how to do it correctly without screwing up my game, but if I can’t remember how or if I end up breaking my game, I won’t be able to help. I’ve also already gone over my limit for downloads this month somehow (for some reason, my download history shows a bunch of movies from back in the 80’s having been downloaded), so if I have to get an ISO, it’ll be a while longer before I try again.