Gameinfo.txt doesn't exist for sdk

I am having this problem with source Sdk when i go to load a game to map for it i get an error saying Gameinfo.txt does not exist. I have Moved files to original possition, (having moved them) i re-installed the program and the games, i have also completly overhauled steam.

i have looked on the internet and im not getting any help from the people they keep saying something about a bin file but no way of fixing it. much help would be appreciated

Try resetting the game configurations (In the Source SDK list). That would sometimes generate the Gameinfo.txt you need. Definately worth a try.

Have you launched the game once?

I have reset configs and ive ran the game several times

When you open hammer, if you can, go on tools/options and remove the current gdf file. Click on add, and select the file you believe is for your game. Then restart Hammer.