"gameinfo.txt is missing" - cannot open hammer

i recently put the hard drive with my steam library in a new computer. games all run fine but i cant open hammer because it is trying to look for the game directory in E:\ drive when its actually on the D:\ drive (despite me opening hammer within the game’s bin folder so youd think it would know where to look).

how do i change where its looking if i cant open hammer?

Try to do this first: Verify Integrity of Game Files - Steam Support

that wouldnt fix the directory because it can already open the games fine. its just hammer looking in the wrong place.

i did it anyway because computers but nothing changed

Hope 14 days is recent enough that you still want an answer. I did this recently and had the same issue, had to update the GameConfig.txt in /GarrysMod/bin

You will want to change “GameDir” and everything under “Hammer” to your new drive. You can see here that I am in H:

Hope this was helpful to you or anyone else who came across it. Also, hope it works haha!

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hey thanks. i did actually figure this out after a few days after but appreciate the reply either way.