GAMEKING.TV | Fresh 1/18! | Half Craft | Oxide | Active Admins

Server name: GAMEKING.TV | Fresh 1/18! | Half Craft | Oxide | Active Admins IP Address:

Q: How do I connect to the server?
A: Simply click on this URL: steam://connect/ - in case this doesn’t work, you can still connect via the ingame. Open the console and enter ‘net.connect’ without the quotes.

Server Moderation
Hackers/Dupers will be banned immediately with proper evidence. We typically have active admins on the server, but if there isn’t one present we can be contacted using Twitch TV’s IRC chat. The players/admins running the server have a zero tolerance rule for admin abuse.

Settings Slots: Typically set to 100 | Potential of 250.
Airdrops: On (10 players min) We wanted a more realistic approach to loot so the spawns are fairly strict. The key emphasis is mainly on guns which can only be found in weapon crates and air drops. They are not re-searchable or craft-able along w/ the heavy duty armors.
PVP/Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: 50%

Mods Installed: Oxide w/ Door Sharing, Loot Spawn Lists, Crafting Controller, Private Messaging, Groups, and Chat History. We are always looking into mods to improve the server in anyway we can. We are also open for any suggestions!
Active Admins: Yes
Beginner Friendly: The admins will always do their best to be helpful… That doesn’t mean other players on the server will be. =p
Admin Power Usage: Only used to look into any foul play.
Seeking Admins: Possibly (Limited to Kick/Ban for scripters/hackers)
Admin abuse and hacking are taken very seriously. The server was created to have a fun, friendly, and competitive environment for everyone. Absolutely no item spawning will be provided nor used by the admins.

A Little About the Plug-Ins
When you join the server you can simply type /help for most of the information, but in case you are unsure here’s a quick summary of the plugins we have active on the server.

  • Door sharing: Pretty self explanatory. Allows you to share your doors with friends!
  • Oxmin: Allows me to setup admins that don’t cheat and spawn things in!
  • Pm System: Allows players to chat privately.
  • Groups: Allows players to setup their own private group chats on the server which allows you to chat among yourselves w/o the entire server seeing.
  • Chat History: Is quite nice if you missed anything, and great on top of the pm/group system.

Weekly/Monthly Competitions
We have plans to develop an area on the map strictly for custom events we have planned. You’ll just have to check us out to find out more.
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away. Hope to see everyone in game! =)