gamemenucommand to view server browser?

I’m having a bit of trouble making a custom escape menu. I’ve almost finished it and I just need to fix to of the selections on it: servers and options. Servers should open the legacy browser and options should open the options menu. So far what I’ve got for these two is basically just making the client run a console command (gamemenucommand openserverbrowser) but you can only see it when you open the console. Anyway I could make it pop up?


Can’t use that, all it will do is close the escape menu.

Look through gamemenuui or w/e it was called “engine” commands? there is everything you want, Console, Server browser etc.

Can’t seem to find any info about engine command. Mind sending a link or something?


Just throws an error.

Thought you mean’t you have a custom main menu.
Just make a button to open the default main menu.
‘custom escape menus’ are just annoying


Duh. Not hard to find.

Exact same result as what I’m already doing.

Either you overly coded your esc menu wrong, or you use it wrong, since for me the concommand for the engine OpenServerBrowser works perfectly fine, same for console, mute etc.

Nothing pops up when I try and I have to open console to see it.

Then, as I said, you coded your esc menu wrong, I dont even wanna know how you coded it, to overwrite engine things.