Gamemod Idea- Escape

This is just an idea I’m thinking of, but I’m not good at making anything really on Garrys Mod, except structures in the game itself (Not maps, lua, gamemods, etc.). But on with the idea.


The Escape would slightly be like Flood Mod, except you dont build with random HL2 props. The goal of the mod is to build a working boat, car, plane, helicopter, to escape some threat that’s similar to those today., like a tsuanmi or flood, you will attempt to create a boat to stay alive from the rising water (basically the same as flood mod, except you don’t have to use certain props w/o tools), terrorism, or a landslide, nuclear war, and anything else thats an event. But also, it could have events that would never happen, aliens, zombie invasion, other things that are only in the ideas of sci-fi fans. Also, you could build bunkers to withstand the invasions and also events happening. It would have its own map for those who like creating maps that could have the gamemode ideas.


Unlike Flood Mod, and Zombie Survival, you could spwan the basic building props from PHX3, HL2, CS:S, etc. and build your own things using various tools, like bouyancy and wire, to stay alive from the threat thats incoming. Advanced Duplicator from Wire Mod will be talked about in the next section of this.


Even though you have alot of tools to assist in surviving, you would only have certain proplimit which you can raise by buying items on spwanmenu of something of the F# keys. In order to gain money, you have to live through half of the round at least, and after that it keeps raising. Various tools will be disabled unless you buy them, Adv. Dup. would be one, but upload would be disabled. Also, you could buy more health, guns to fight off invaders, more props to escape, and other things to assist in escaping and surviving.


This would be on one map, or various maps. The various maps will probaly match the current game going on (Listed on Goals section!) and if there is one map, it would have to be universal, with water, a bunker to escape, some spwans for the things to come, a big cliff to escape to if it was a flood. The water would have to have a trigger hurt of 1 damage in order to make it more challenging. It would probaly be of suburb with various homes, cliff, bunker area, big river, a bridge dividing two sections of land. Chances are I will make a Paint picture depicting what would be a ideal map area.


Overall, I’m just asking for someone to create this gamemod, and maps to follow with it. It would, in my opinion be a fun gamemod to waste free time. If someone does create this, I just want the credit for making idea. Since it would be complex, whomever created this could have 97% credit in it.

A nice concept, sorf of like Gmod scribblenauts.

Although not everyone has PHX/CS:S. That’s why most gamemodes stick to HL2 props.

And to make the gamemode varied and interesting enough, a new map would need to be loaded for each round, which may get annoying.

CoolCorky, you seem to be like my posts. I don’t really want to have it have CS:S, since I don’t have it myself (may sound nubbish) and also I am making a map of a map which could MAYBE be used for all of the gamemodes I suggested myself. The PHX3 would not be used in the map, but instead used in making the items to escape/hunker into- since PHX3 is really universal in building. Overall, I like how you enjoy the gamemode, and suggest things to post

I’m made of text and have been run through a translator? =O

Must be.

So it sounds like you want someone to:
• Combine features from different gamemodes and addons that you like.
• Make maps for you to play this hybrid-gamemode on.
• Give you 3% of the credit for thinking of it.

By the time you get someone to help you, and they finish this for you, and have made maps that are balanced etc etc etc. You might as well just go buy CS:S and move on with your life.

Why not just download all those addons, (Wire, Floodmod, etc.) add them to a simple ‘events’ system and host your own server?

That way you can keep your dignity. (and your 97% credit.)

It would be a new gamemode itself idiot

I think what he’s saying is that you could recreate the gamemode you want through clever use of plugins and addons, rather than doing all that laborious coding.