Gamemode and slots on a 1GB vps?

I have a vps for a year and I want to have a gmod server, It has 2TB of bandwidth, 1GB ram, 25GB SSD and 4 CPU Cores. I have it now running Ubuntu 12.04 It’s really cheap (19$ a year) and I’m using it to learn about linux servers, hosting websites, and stuff like that. I know how to make a gmod server but I don’t know what gamemode choose and how much slots this will support. You guys have a lot of experience, I hope someone tells me what way choose.

PD: I don’t have enought time to try all the gamemodes and slots configurations, that’s why I ask for some help

I don’t think you’ll be able to do much with 1GB RAM.

Even more so, if you don’t have time for this, don’t bother.

So what game should I host that could run nice on a 1GB vps?

Gmod usually does not go over 1 GB of RAM

You say 4 CPU cores, but what clockrate does it have?

Also, what else do you have on that VPS?

If you have issues setting it up, read this.

What you can do with it really depends on it’s single core performance.

It’s a 3.4GHz intel xeon, On the vps I have only a website viewer that earns money for me but I have 6 more vps with windows that are used for this so I can stop using that viewer and all the vps power will go to server game.

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I’ve checked on linux and it’s a intel xeon at 3.4GHz

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So I will be trying to host gmod if you say that’s possible

So you’re viewing ads on it. Okay, anyway, you should try to move over to Linux instead.

I have linux on the 1GB vps, the other 6 vps are 512mb and windows xp but I won’t use them for anything else than viewing ads.

And what exactly is your problem here?

No problem I only want to know the less resource consumer game mode on gmod and setup a server with a few slots.

With that CPU clockrate you can run whatever you want. A SRCDS server hardly uses over 600MB of RAM so you’re good on that.