Gamemode - bone scaling

Hello fellow Lua scripters. I have a little request. I’d like a script that would scale bones of all players. Preferably a script that would take an array of bone names and scale (inflate) all the bones from that array (for example 2 times the size).

Why do I need this?

I have almost no Lua knowledge and I got this quite fun gamemode idea. I just need to make the players look fat. It’s not going to be anything public, just me and my friends.

Now, as I said, I am complete noob. I will need to know where to put it in the gamemode files. Thanks in advance.

Oh god this should be in requests, damn… sorry.

This might help you gain an understanding:

I haven’t checked the code, so I am not sure how simple/hard it is to understand.

The code looks pretty hard.