Gamemode coder wanted, will pay.

Hi I have a great idea for a gamemode (great to me at least) and can do all the visuals (ie. skinning, modelling, mapping, etc.), but the one thing I cant do is the coding. I’ll pay $10 for someone to help. If you do a great job and make it exactly what I want, I’ll pay $15. If you get what I want and there aren’t any errors, I’ll pay $10. If you do an ok job and it works like it should but has errors, I’ll pay $5. If you fail and suck, then you get nothing and wasted both of our time.

Ok this gamemode is a Cops ‘N’ Robbers style chase. you start out by voting who gets to be chased. Everyone else becomes a cop and has to try to catch him and arrest him with a SWep. Everyone starts out in a vehicle. A countdown timer starts and when it hits 0, well obviously, it means go. then the cops chase the crook around a map until either his vehicle gets disabled or a cop uses a battering ram to pull him out of the vehicle. The crook has to last a certain amount of time without getting caught. If his car gets disabled he cannot get it back but if a cops car gets disabled he can hitch a ride with someone to the cop shop and get a new one. There are 3 speeds of chasing. Normal, Fast, and Hot Pursuit. Normal has, well, normal cars. Fast has street racing style cars. Hot Pursuit has supercars like a Corvette or a Lamborghini. All cops have the same model vehicle for their category (ie. Corvette for Hot Pursuit). The crook can choose a car model from its class (ie. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Corvette, etc.). The police cars have lights and sirens atop them and the crooks car only has headlights and rear lights. I sorta got this idea from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit II (in my mind the best NFS still although its graphics are a little shabby) and the episode of Jessy James is a Deadman where he runs from the cops. I would greatly appreciate someones help. Thanks. «ƒ»Infested

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