Gamemode Coding Contest - Now with added organisation!


Looks like a good theme, but trying to think of a full gamemode that wont get boring with it might be challenging.

I REALLY like this theme, it has a lot of potential and it’s not too enclosed to a point where everybody is making the same thing.

Banking: The Game

I have to agree, great theme

Now this is a good theme!
I might join if I figure out a good idea.

Someone could do “Clue!” again. It would fit the theme.

I have one word that I’m doing.

Pursuit. (car based chase)

Wall Street: The Game

I would love to join this one, if only I could make up something I could make with the theme.

So you can’t think of anything criminal ? How about a riot gamemode where there’s a team of cops that have to protect stores against rioters looting them. Now that’s original (lol)

London Rioters: The game.

You play as a cop/rioter.

Ontopic: wish I could code. Hell, maybe I’ll learn by entering.

Awesome, that’s the spirit!

Your positive comment has inspired me!

Making a gamemode where one player is an old lady and everyone has to steal her purse.

Stealing candy from babies.

Just a reminder, time marches fast, only 10 days left!

Asking for time extension, Most people won’t even be done.

Oh hell yes I am so entering this.

We’re not going to extend just because a few people started late. Gamemodes do not need to be perfect, just developed enough to show what its basic concept and purpose are.

If you can’t get at least a rough outline together in three weeks your original idea was most likely too complex.