Gamemode Competition! - New Years

Hey everyone, I noticed that there are no more gamemode competitions being held for some reason and thought why don’t we get this going again for the sake of saving the gamemodes forum and new years.

Anyway I have created a poll with 5 themes for everyone to vote, Once we decide on the theme I will design the thread to suit it and also list the prizes!


  1. Gamemodes must be original idea’s not remakes or fixes of previous gamemodes
  2. Final submission of gamemodes must be at a playable state (Polished will increase your chance of winning)
  3. Stick to the theme (Theme must be seen in the majority of gameplay)
  4. You’re free to create individual threads for your gamemode submissions provided they are submitted to me for listing

Prizes (Incompleted):

First place:

  • SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition (Steam)
  • Dota 2 (Steam)
  • Payday: The Heist (Steam)

Second place:

  • Metro 2033 (Steam)
  • Dota 2 (Steam)
  • Magicka (Steam)

Third place:

  • Ravaged (Steam)
  • Dota 2 (Steam)

Feel free to donate any prizes as they come out of my own money.

EDIT: If a theme you want isn’t listed feel free to vote for it in your post!

This months theme is **PIRATES! **All participants have to create there gamemode based on pirates.

Some content to use:
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II Sweps

**PVK Props
Pirate Hat!

There is more content to be used on, just simply search pirate

Good luck and have fun everyone the deadline is on the 25th of January, Winners will be announced on the 30th!

Can you have, idk, better themes?

get better themes and i will probally join.

Such as?

Racing, fruits, spooky stuffs.

Sadly I can’t edit the poll… :suicide:

Good job, no spooky stuffs gamemodes ever now.


What’s that? I haven’t seen teamwork since… I’ve never seen teamwork in gmod.

If you want an alternative theme just type what you vote for and I will count them up after the poll


I’ll make a team deathmatch…there’s lots of teamwork in that!


Not exactly a theme, but how about Singleplayer?

It would be about creating a gamemode that’s designed specifically for singleplayer. That means not having to worry about networking and griefing, which would allow everyone to focus on more important aspects such as gameplay, story, and an actual sense of progression that encourages players to keep playing. That’s the kind of gamemode Garry’s Mod severely lacks. And hopefully, it would encourage people to actually put effort into the game rather than the networking, which is usually a pain in the ass.

I got Dota 2 for free randomly, do I win?

I feel bad for the runner up, the second prize being 2 free games.

RE: Teamwork

So far I’m an idea guy, but I’ve been looking at tiramisu as a basis for a ‘teamwork’ type gamemode. I’m not 100% though that it will be possible to iron out the kinks in it.

My idea in progress is a teamwork / management RP sort of gamemode based on a starship. There would be various systems across the ship (engines, medical, primary power, aux power, navigation, security) and as situations arise such as a major power conduit blowing - people would be forced to work together to resolve the issues under the order of higher ranking members. Sort of imagine FTL in Gmod…

The commander would have to dedicate the right people to different jobs - i.e., engineers moving batteries and parts around and installing them, medics able to heal depending on how much power is supplied to their stations…etc.

Just wanted to throw this out there, as teamwork would be a critical point in a gamemode like this. Anyhow good luck to the folks joining the contest!

I think we need more horror genre with an incentive towards teamwork. We have a few, but they’re not actually directed towards team play or even remotely scary.

Pirates is perhaps the only interesting gamemode type on there.

“Collect” would’ve been interesting.

Did you blockeded me?

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All these suggestions will be listed in the next competition

The thing with the pirates theme is that it’s too specific. I mean just think about how many unique gamemodes can be made with this idea. I think a lot of the entries will be more or less the same thing. Not to mention that there has already been a Pirate Wars gamemode and according to the rules we have to use original ideas and can’t create remakes. Just my two cents.