Gamemode Concept/Idea; Poll on weather or not good or dont waste time

This is an idea of a more or less “something different to the table” type gamemode, i wont say its unique, infact im pretty sure it just combines elements of perp (gasp) dark rp (gasp) basewars and zombierp. Please read through the ideas and leave feedback. Id like to know weather this is a good idea to even put effort into making or simply drop it. Since i have no idea in coding and it would take full effort and time to put this together, id like some feedback before i put the commitment into this project. Thanks:


2-3 teams
At spawn pick a team to join: Raider Vs Survivor; Mercanary
Goal of Raider: Destroy the survivor team or 100% WS
Goal of Survivor Survive all zombie hordes OR destroy the raiders
No goal for mercanary, paid to fight.
Basewar element of team vs team
Perp element of combinding items
Darkrp/gangrp element of gathering materials

Each team has a leader to head and coordinate the team.
Leader will set roles to everyone on their team
Players can get better permanent items from any excess stuff they collect and combine that wont be used for their team or by donation
First team to achieve their goal wins

Mercanary Actions:
Merc can be picked at spawn of game start and be a gun for hire, this is a good way to earn money to buy stuff rathwer then gathering surplus or donations
Mercs can be hired by either faction and have a set contract. They are required to have items required in the contract and be a certain level.
Anytime a mercanary dies 3 times within the game he needs to change to a fighting team.
Mercs can be changed ingame from the raider class only.
Depending on the economy ingame, the likellyhood of a merc going to one faction or another varies.


As a item and cash reserve fills up, an economy slider will change towards either raider or survivor.
The better the economy, the more mercs you can hire and the more items you can buy to give you an upper hand against the enemy and apposing factions.

Survivors can make cashprinters and loot npc bodies to improve the economy
Raiders can make cashprinters and loot npc bodies to improve their economy, they can also get a better economy by acquiring territory

Territory: All leaders pick a starting territory as a base, as you get more people and more money, you can be able to get more territory, territory = power,
power = more likellyhood to win. For raidors, taking territory by war and conquest, the faction gets a boost to its economy and warscore.

Warscore: Warscore affects territory aquasition. IF the warscore of a territory = 100%, the raiders take that territory
,if the warscore of raiders -> survivors = 100, raiders win.

Leader: Faction head, buys land or decides conquests. Picks the agenda and roles of everyone in their faction.
Gatherer: Aquires raw materials to be further refined.
Refiner: Refines raw materials into goods
Warrior: Fights to protect the faction, and fights for it.
Merchantman: Sells warez to and for others.
General: Head of the warriors, keeps a organized agenda. Employs mercs

RaiderONLY: Thief: Steals stuff (only allowed on rival or neutral territory)
SurvivorONLY: Recruiter: Recruits NPCS from neutral territories to work to improve their factions

NPCS can be recruited or enslaved to automate jobs.


Thats all i have so far, please leave suggestions to add or remove, and please leave comments and thoughts about it. Thanks!!

I’ve thought about what it would be like if people of a certain class could buy shipments of NPC’s.

Your ideas are good. That doesn’t mean it is worth trying to make it a goal or something you use to learn coding. I’m learning too, but I’m going to lean on what others have already made until I understand it well.

I smell ‘Ideas Guy’, but you have some decent ideas. Pretty pointless if you can’t code though, and coders don’t exactly pick up gamemode suggestions because whoever came up with it starts claiming they need ‘monetary compensation’ and claims they did everything.

So technically, it is a piece of every gamemode put into one? Oh lawdy lawdy lawdy.

Yes, yes, yes it is. And im not rly trying be ideas guy, it is an idea yea, but im more showing this as "ok, this is my idea, should i spend hours and hours (and most likely 10s to 100s of) hours to make this a reality by learning lua and coding it to perfection, or dont waste my time. Im willing to do the work myself (i got some friends willing to help out too to make the workload abit easier i hope) but this is a i need feedback, not rly a “someone make this for me ktnxbi” im doing this. i just wanted feedback c:

This sounds pretty cool. That being said the execution is everything with such an ambitious project.

this is way too ambitious, and it sounds like it would be a nightmare to balance

nothing wrong with being ambitious if it’s made

yeah but for a first project?

I think the mercenaries are a pointless faction, there would be no difference between a mercenary or someone actually fighting to survive.