"Gamemode" crashes game when health reaches zero?

Recently, I set up the files for my own little “gamemode” in singleplayer, just to toy around with clientside scripts and whatnot. Anyways, upon me dying, Garry’s mod crashes. Is this normal due to me leaving out some kind of code that’s supposed to happen on death? Does this happen with anyone else, or is it just me?

Post the code you’re using.

Can we see some code? Did you divide by 0? :v:

Most likely you are dying while having the “bad” gray gordon player model.

You seem to be right, as I have loaded up another gamemode of mine that uses a playermodel when you spawn, and killing myself on that one works just fine. Thank you, Robotboy. :slight_smile:

For extra credit guys, once I set a playermodel to be used on spawn, I’m looking to learn how to actually make it animate correctly. For the moment it just… t-poses. Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction of a tutorial online or such? I haven’t been able to search this because I’m not sure what you’d call doing something like this. Edit: Nevermind, had the wrong model path set.

This thread can be closed if need be, but since it’s not going anywhere for now, is anyone sure if there’s any tutorial on how to add NPC animations to players?