+gamemode crashes SRCDS

Hi there. I am currently trying to start a Flood server, so i have been working hard to get FLOOD from the old garrysmod working with GM13. It is fully working, and in singleplayer it seems to run perfectly, but i still need to do Online testing. So i whipped up a new SRCDS (the STEAMCMD one). But whenever i try to open the server, the following happen:

If i put +gamemode “flood13” in the .bat, srcds.exe stops responding.

If i dont put that, and instead put sv_defaultgamemode “flood13” it loads Sandbox (this applies to server.cfg too)

if i try to change the gamemode in the console, when i join, i get the missing cl_int.lua

If i try to change map, srcds crashes when the gamemode is flood13.

Whats wrong? Could it be the gamemode itself or srcds?



I didn’t read that well enough, it seems you already using SteamCMD… sorry.

Ok, I put it inside autoexec.cfg in Garrysmod>cfg>autoexec.cfg
That’s what I would do, hope this helps you.

“gamemode” “flood13”

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Also, make sure that your gamemode is spelled ‘flood13’

Tried. SRCDS crashed