Gamemode creation error : file not found

Hi world,

I have started to create a custom garry’s mod gamemode. I have create the basic stuff, and three lua files : init.lua, cl_init.lua and shared.lua.
So far there is no problem but when i want to add a new file to my gamemode (i mean a lua file to seperate code in multiple files), garry’s mod console say :

[AddCSLuaFile] Couldn't find 'round_controller/cl_round_controller.lua' (@gamemodes/bot/gamemode/init.lua (line 8))
Couldn't include file 'round_controller\cl_round_controller.lua' (File not found) (@gamemodes/bot/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 4))

Note that the “cl_round_controller.lua” file is located in a folder called “round_controller”

Thanks for helping

Is there anything in the file?

the file ATLEAST needs a comment before it gets sent to the client, also make sure you put the right path into AddCSLuaFile().

Ok thank you, the problem was there was nothing in the files i include.