Gamemode Creation question

If I edit anything in gamemodes/base, will my gamemode still run? Do I even need to use the base gamemode file, or can I just create a gamemode without using it? For clarification, what I’m trying to do is edit my base gamemode folder to make certain hooks and functions easier to use for the creation of my gamemode. An example of what I’m doing would be changing the font of font for the killicon of a certain HL2 weapon in the file gamemodes/base/gamemode/cl_deathnotice.lua.

Instead of modifying stuff in gamemodes/base, derive your own from it via DeriveGamode(“base”) in shared.lua and then override the functions and things you want in your own files

I guess I could do that. But I also want to know if it is possible, just in case I want to edit that way.

You can, but you really shouldn’t.

Yeah, correct me if I’m wrong, but core game files like base and ttt, etc are reverted to default whenever Garry’s Mod updates

While that isn’t very often, it’d mean you’d have to redo stuff or keep a backup which may be annoying

Okay, thank you for the advice. I think I’ll just use what Niandra suggested.

IIRC you don’t need to put DeriveGamemode(“base”), all gamemodes are derived from Base by default, unless specified otherwise.