Hello Facepunch community,

I have had a few servers on css and gmod that was popular and i was supporting new gamemodes, i was one of the first few with a jailbreak, minigames and others. I am currently looking to start funding and supporting other game modes again. If you have a gamemode or an idea email me briefly with what you have done so far and future projects on the gamemode under the application. The more information the more opportunity of me accepting your gamemode. The creator will receive free server funding, copy write possibility to create revenue, Free website for the gamemode and advertizing and marketing links. This would be a big project that you could put on your CV.

Email your idea to or pm me. (Emails faster response)

Job occupation:
Previous Projects (If any):
Idea Title:
Idea Discription:


Thanks alot!

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Do you have a budget or is it like 50% of all donations.

There is a budget, will be discussed

Because getting a server just seems more like giving someone work to do.

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my automerge

Server is for the coder to test and see the social and activity of it

Did you seriously spam this? C’mon, you want people to trust you with their new gamemodes and you spam a thread? Not the smartest image.

I posted in two place because i’m not sure where it would go