Gamemode "Differences"

I am planning to create a gamemode that will have such an essence that the players appear in the same room, which they should remember in a period of time. After that, each of them is moved to a local room, where everything is the same, but there are some differences. And whoever guesses faster (or is able to guess at all) gets more points. There will be several randomness after the expiration of which the winner is selected. Fun mode that trains memory. There is also such an idea that sometimes, randomly, the winner of the past game can personally somehow change the card for future guessing :blue_heart:


P.S. At the beginning (round zero), the players all look at the original map together, unchanged

So it’s basically 3D spot the difference with some competitive aspects? That definitely sounds like it would be fun to play. Do you have a system planned for something that they could use the points on? Such as a modifier to make everyone’s else room flip upside or something crazy like that?

This gamemode could definitely make use of this requested feature:

All player entities could inhabit the same 3D space, but could be made to see different things. This means you only need to map a single room, as opposed to duplicating a room x times for y players.